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Instructions for Replacing Cassette in Systec Smartloc due to £1 coin design change

  1. Uncouple trolleys from each other
  2. Locate the security screw and drill bit provided in conversion tool kit
  3. Using a screw driver remove the security screw, chain and fixing piece taking note of which slots these are removed from as they will be put back in the same way
  4. Do not remove the lock casing from the handle of the trolley
  5. Put dismounting key into the opening on the back of the cassette and push out the cassette either by hand or using a rubber mallet
  6. Throw away the removed cassette – it is difficult to tell the old from the new and it is important to avoid any confusion
  7. Put in a new cassette by pushing it in firmly by hand
  8. Replace the security screw, chain and fixing piece back in to secure chain and lock using the drill bit as in step 3.

If you would prefer for an experienced trolley engineer to attend your site to change the locks for you do call us on 01865 858049 to arrange. There is a fitting fee per trolley plus a £95 call out charge which covers most of UK mainland. Surcharges may apply.

PDF Download Cassette change instructions

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Less than a week to go for the new 12-sided pound coin design entering circulation on the 28th March.

We have the conversion kit in stock for Systec Smartlocks plus the tools required.

Systec Trolley L3TEMDCSocks fitted prior to July last year will not accept the new 12-sided design and there is a strong possibility that if a customer tries to use one in the lock it will get stuck and break the lock.

Smartloc will continue to accept both designs of pound coin even after the round coin is taken out of circulation in the autumn so round trolley tokens can still continue to be used by customers.

The conversion kit is a replacement cassette – the red section of the smartloc. The lock does not need to be fully removed from the handle to replace the cassette.

Stores need to purchase one set of tools and then one cassette per lock that needs changing.

Important Links:

Information from the Royal Mint can be found at

New Cassette

Tool Kit

Complete Lock


New Order Picking Trolley in Stock   Leave a comment

Internet picking trolleyThe quantity of enquiries and clicks to our website for picking solutions have been on the increase in the last year. We have sold many used trolleys, flat beds and cages for use in picking lines. We have now sourced a new order pickign trolley that takes 6 large picking crates.

Further Details

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Recently we have worked with two event companies who needed a small number of trolleys and baskets for moving equipment and exhibitors goods. The trolleys and baskets were only needed on site for a few days.

The first order was from Penguin Events Limited and the second from REL Field Marketing. Both companies were delighted with our service and found the trolleys extremely useful.

With prices starting at just £5 per trolley for hire (quantity and time scale dependent) it is a very inexpensive and hassle free way of provideing an invaluable service to exhibitors.

We are equally happy to hire out trolleys or baskets for busy periods in retail environments such as covering a sale or the festive period. Pop-up shops are also an area we have not explored.

So if you are in need of some shopping trolleys or baskets for just a short time span then do give us a call or email for a quote.

T: 01865 858049

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At Trolleys And Baskets Ltd we have a huge stock of second hand 100 litre shallow shopping trolleys that one of the large supermarkets have sold off and replaced. We bring them in to the workshop and experienced trolley engineers work through them to assess them for further use, clean them, do any recquired welding work or other mending work.  Then we check over the castors and replace if they are worn out or not going to last well. They are great trolleys made to last and easy to maintain. We are taking orders for these trolleys daily as singles to orders of 20 units plus. They are at a very good price on the our website We have loads of different coloured handles we can fit on these trolleys or we can arrange for your own logo branding to be put on the handle. Orders are stacking up in the workshop so if you are looking to place an order do so soon.

100L Easy Shoppper X10

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Special Offer:

FREE DELIVERY on orders placed online in January 2016 for packs of Araven Shop & Roll trolley baskets.

In store and ready to ship we have:

Packs of 10 x 34L Trolley basket at £174.00 including VAT and Carriage.

Packs of 7 x 52L Trolley basket at £154.56 including VAT and Carriage.

A small number of UK postcodes are subject to a delivery surcharge.

To order please go to or call 01865 858049.

52L Trolley Basket34L Rolling Basket

The sun is shining but retailers are planing the festive season ahead   Leave a comment

I’m sure the second half of 2015 is going to be a busy time for retailers. School term starting, Rugby World Cup, Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas followed by New Year’s Eve. Shop owners and managers are going to be busy stocking the right goods, getting their in store and online marketing correct to make the most of these opportunities ahead.

If you look at your trolleys and baskets and think they need updating but I just don’t have the time. Call us, we are a small knowledgeable team and we can come on site to review or look at photos and recommend the right service for you.

Perhaps we will recommend new trolleys and baskets or perhaps the right thing for you would be our engineers attending site and servicing your fleet. We can retrofit branded handles, add logos to baskets all manner of services to make sure your trolleys and baskets are up to scratch and meet the demands of the next 6 months.

Call us on 01865 858049 or email and we will be happy to help.

Customer Convenience   1 comment

Brand new bsaket trolley

Narrow 60l two tier basket trolley

We have all been there, outside a shop which has rusty trolleys or a few dodgy looking baskets. It is not a convenient way to start a shop and it leaves us as the customer with limited choices: walk away to a competitor, buy only the essentials or risk using a wonky trolley or weak hand basket.

As a customer the trolleys and baskets available are often their first impression of the store and set the tone of what they can expect from the products on the shelves and customer service.

All shopping baskets need to be strong, have a good sturdy ergonomic handle, be the right size and shape for the goods available in the store and be neatly stored in a well-designed stacker. If a basket is too small, feels weak or is uncomfortable to carry the customer will not have confidence in it to fill to up to the top.

A high quality, easy to manoeuvre trolley with a safe child seat and one which fits easily down the aisles of the store gives the customer a great first impression. They enter the store in a positive buying mood. Wonky castors, rusty frames and unsafe child seats put customers in a negative frame of mind as they start their shopping.

A truly convenient way to shop is to just grab a basket from a stack at the door, or roll out a trolley from a neat nest and be thinking only about the shopping list and goodies to buy. The customer should not even have to give the basket or trolley another thought. is a simple online shop selling a large range of great quality retailers trolleys, hand baskets and rolling baskets. We have a variety of sizes, shapes and prices to suit all.

Please go online to order at or call 01865 858049 to place order over the phone.

For more information please contact:
Hannah Lewis, 7 Court Drive, Shillingford, Oxfordshire OX10 7ER
T: 01865 858049
M: 07759 721055
W: www.

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Cockcroft Stores Didcot – Forward thinking shop refurbishment   1 comment

A new customer Cockcroft Stores a post office and general store in Didcot, Oxfordshire are one of our new customers buying our brand new Great extra capacity hand baskets and Barcelona pull along trolley baskets.

Cockcroft stores are local to me so I was surprised to see the order come in and I have been able to visit and chat to Johnny the store owner.

Cockcroft stores are in the process of a big store re-fit and are so pleased with the baskets they have bought from us they are bespoke deigsning the checkout to fit them perfectly.

I will work on a full case study of this busy store and publish here with photos as soon as possible.


New baskets quicky becoming best sellers.   Leave a comment

Recently we have listed new extra capacity hand baskets, a two tier basket trolley and new larger trolley baskets. All are having a massive impact on my business they are selling so quickly. Obviosuly I am pleaed as when we take on nwe products it is always a gamble and we brought in a lorry load from the factory in Spain so it was a big financial outlay too. But they are in our warehouse and selling out quick so plcae your orders soon as I will be putting in a new purchase order to the factory in the next couple of weeks.

The Great 28 Litre Hand Basket

Large Blue plastic Hand Basket

The Snupy Basket Trolley

Snupy basket trolley

The 54 Litre Barcelona Trolley Basket

Large Blue Plastic Trolley basket