Branding And Other Accessories

Nearly all of our products come in a range of colour options which allows you to match your store branding as closely as possible, but did you know you can have your logo put on the product?

Having your own branding on trolleys/baskets creates a smarter look and feel to the store. Having branding, especially on baskets can help prevent theft, as users are less likely to take them because they are branded and it is clear where they were taken from.

Our 24 lire shopping baskets can have logo branding on both long sides, the wire trolleys can have branding on the handle as well as the plastic trolleys. If you are unsure which product can/cannot have branding, please do ask and we can let you know.

How to order branding?

Before placing your order please contact us and we can let you know of costs and lead times.

Other options include trolley locks, these can be purchased online at the same time, we will then fit them for you. If it is your first set of trolley locks on your trolleys, we recommend also purchasing a starter chain. These are the long chains seen in trolley bays which start the nest of trolleys off. Trolley locks also help to prevent loss and theft of trolleys, giving customers an obvious place to return them to. 

If you need any assistance with anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of the team would be happy to help you. 

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