Garden Centres - What's Best For You?

We have worked with Garden Centres for over 16 years and over time have developed a great knowledge of what products are best for Garden Centres. 

We have a huge range of both plastic and wire that can be found in many Garden Centres, as well as both plastic and wire baskets.

Our most popular trolleys for Garden centres include:

F150 Flatbed

- Strong and sturdy with a tall handle for easy control 

- 35 litre top basket and strong bottom platform

- Branding available and multiple colour options

Wire Flatbeds 27 Litre Basket

- Strong top tier basket available in 27 or 55 litres

- High quality castors to allow for easy movement across all platforms

- Branding and handle colour options 

B75 Small Plastic Trolley

- Most popular in Garden Centres due to their small but useful size

- Tall sturdy handle, easy for elderly customers to use

- Great size basket and narrow base to move around small aisles 

- Available in range of colours with branding options too


We have a huge range of both wire and plastic on our website ready to order today! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts - 01235 850368/ 


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