Make A good Impression

There is nothing worse than entering a store that has broken wheels on their trolleys or rusty broken shopping baskets.

Shoppers will make a first impression within their first few seconds of entering your store, do not let it be a bad one. 

Greet your customers in the new year with shiny new baskets and smooth rolling trolleys, this will help you maintain customer loyalty.

If you are not in the position to buy new trolleys and would like a more sustainable way to extend the usage of them, we do have a maintenance team who can come out to you and fix what they can. This service is cost per trolley, they team will ask for some photos before hand or a brief description of what is wrong with them, they will then arrange a date with you for them to come have a look, they will fix what they can on site, anything more severe they will potentially take back to their workshop or suggest you replace them with new ones. 


If you would like any help with choosing new trolleys/baskets or would like to talk more about the maintenance service, please do not hesitate to contact us - 01235 850368 /

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