240 Litre Large Shopping Trolley


240 Litre


Price includes VAT at the standard 20% rate

240 Litre standard wire trolley with flip out baby seat, coloured handle, bag hook and 125mm diameter wheels.

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The 240L trolley we recommend to cash and carrys, wholesalers and large supermarkets. It is a substaintial trolley offering shoppers extra capacity to standard wire supermarket trolleys.

More and more this trolley is be used on picking lines in warehouses as it has a good shape and extra capacity for boxes. We can add clipboards, remove the babyseat and make other modifications in the workshop if required for a picking line. 

Currently we do have limited stock of lightly used 240L trolleys. There are some limitations and differences to our standard new stock but if this is a trolley you are considering the used version may help with budgets and is worth consideration.

Please note when ticking the box for the Systec Clip on advertising make sure you select the amount to match the amount of trolleys you are ordering.

Stock Handle Colour Options: Blue, Black, Dark Green, Red, Grey
Bespoke branded handles and other colour options are available on request

Maximum Dimensions:
Length: 1182mm
Width: 611mm
Height: 1058mm

For detailed dimensions please view specification image
Nesting distance: 205mm
Length of 5 x 60L trolleys nested together: 2.00m

Length of 10 x 60L trolleys nested together: 3.03m