240 Litre Large Shopping Trolley


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240 Litre





Price includes VAT at the standard 20% rate

240 Litre standard wire trolley with flip out baby seat, coloured handle, bag hook and 125mm diameter wheels.

The 240L trolley we recommend to cash and carrys, wholesalers and large supermarkets. It is a substaintial trolley offering shoppers extra capacity to standard wire supermarket trolleys.

More and more this trolley is be used on picking lines in warehouses as it has a good shape and extra capacity for boxes. We can add clipboards, remove the babyseat and make other modifications in the workshop if required for a picking line. 

Currently we do have limited stock of lightly used 240L trolleys. There are some limitations and differences to our standard new stock but if this is a trolley you are considering the used version may help with budgets and is worth consideration.

Stock Handle Colour Options: Blue, Black, Dark Green, Red
Bespoke branded handles and other colour options are available on request

Maximum Dimensions:
Length: 1182mm
Width: 611mm
Height: 1058mm

For detailed dimensions please view specification image
Nesting distance: 205mm
Length of 5 x 60L trolleys nested together: 2.00m

Length of 10 x 60L trolleys nested together: 3.03m

Trolley Only, Pallet Truck Only or mixed Trolley and Basket Orders:

All orders that include trolleys are charged a flat carriage rate of £40 + VAT regardless of quantity ordered. Even single trolleys have to be packed and despatched on a pallet as they can not be boxed and shipped through our parcel network.

This covers our basic carriage rate, packing charge (inc pallet and wrapping) and payment processing fee. This relates to all New and Refurbished Shopping Trolleys, Specialise trolleys and Pallet Trucks.

Unfortunately there are a few parts of the UK that we simply can't get to for the £40 flat rate and so these are charged at the following rates:
Scottish Highlands: £85.00
Northern Ireland: £80.00
Eire (including Dublin): £100.00
Dublin only: £80.00
UK Islands, Europe and the Rest of the World: please call or email for a shipping quote prior to placing the order

Office Contact Details for Carriage Queries:
Tel: 01235 850368
If no answer in the office please call Hannah's Mobile Number: 07759721055
Or email info@trolleysandbaskets.co.uk


CREACIONES MARSANZ S.A. is a leading Spanish company with 50 years dedicated to the development and manufacture of commercial equipment. Among the product range, their most popular products are shopping trolleys, transport trolleys, shelving systems, entry-exit devices, and a wide range of check-outs.

Marsanz started in 1966 and so have had five decades of continuing development and ongoing work thanks to their multidisciplinary team of professionals. This has lead Marsanz to today being a leading company in its sector, with an international presence across 5 continents.

Creaciones Marsanz has 4 independent factories, each of them specialized in different products, with an overall surface of more than 50.000 m2.

Marsanz Technical Specification:
Creaciones Marsanz s.a. manufacture a full range of trolleys with a ridged wire basket attached to a wheeled chassis with a handle and bag hook. Optional extras include baby seats, rear baskets and platforms. Capacity ranges from 50 to 240 litres in the Marsanz standard line.


Finishing: Made with high quality raw materials I accordance with European Standards UNE EN 10016 / UNE EN 10303. The Steel wire thickness used is from 3 to 14mm in diameter and all joints have weld penetrations averaging 15% but dependent on the thickness of wire used.


Coating: Zinc coated: electrolytic zinc treatment applied in a layer from 10 to 20 microns thick.
Covering: Electrostatically coated with 60 to 80 microns of clear polyester polymerised at 200°C


Chemical Resistance:
Salt Spray: (ASTM B 117) > 700 Hours
Moisture Test Chamber: (DIN 50017) > 1000 Hours
Distilled Water Immersion: (40°C) > 700 Hours



Mechanical Properties:Steel tubes are protected with 50 to 60 microns of microcrystalline phosphate coating (BONDER 132) and polymerised at 200°C were used to carry out the chemical and mechanical tests.


Brightness: 60 (DIN 50017) 100%
Adherence: (2mm Grid Square) 100%
Hardness: (Pencil-Proof INTA 160302-2) >3Hours
Notch Strength: (ASTM D 2974) BALL 12mm
Direct: 70cm
Inverse: 70cm
Persoz Hardness > 300
Cone Mandrel Flexibility: (Din 53156) 5mm



Comfort and Ergonomic Properties:All trolleys are manufactured in accordance with all comfort and ergonomic requirements within the following standards: UNE EN 1929-1 / prEN 1929-2 / prEN 1929-3 / prEN 1929-4 / prEN 1929-7


Standard Round Handle:Our stock range uses the standard round handle however ERGObox & ERGOgrip handles are available but will be manufactured to order.

Galvanized high quality steel tube including lateral inserts to stop the handle rotating. Personalized screen print available on the handle with a polycarbonate sleeve covering the handle for protection from UV radiation. High strength side mouldings are made from PVC with lateral ribbing to engage the handle and fitted with screws creating the joint between the handle and trolley.


Wheels and Castors:
Swivel Castor: Housing made from zinc-chromatised pressed steel, double ball bearing swivel head and wheel axel with nut.
Wheel: Made from polypropylene, grey non-marking, tread made from thermoplastic rubber, thread guards and roller bearing, single bolt hole.


Our standard trolleys use 75, 100 and 125mm sized wheels.



Wheel Diameter




Width of Tread




Centre Hole








Swept Radius




Overall height




Dynamic Load Capacity


80 kg/daN

100 kg/daN

Static Load Capacity


160 kg/daN

200 kg/daN


-20 to 60°C

-20 to 60°C

-20 to 60°C


EN 12530

EN 12530

EN 12530





Stock colours of handles, ears and seats available on full range of Marsanz trolleys held in our UK warehouse:

Blue: RAL 5005
Green: RAL6028
Red: RAL3020

Other colours of ears and seats available on a per order non-stock basis

Dark Red: RAL 3011
Light Orange: RAL 1028
Light Grey: RAL 7001
Dark Orange: RAL 2004
Yellow: RAL 1023
Light Green: RAL 6018

Handle branding available on request.

All trolleys can be branded with logo handles, we can offer different block colour handle, ear and seats and we can have the wire trolleys painted or powder coated.

In the workshop we can also fit A4 clip boards to handles, remove baby seats, add a basket divider, bumper trim around the edge and more.

For a personalised quotation please email your requirements and we will respond with full costings and leadtime.