New product launch - Make a cleaner shopping experience:

Introducing the Bioshield handle wrap. Microbes found in public areas largely originate from people’s gut, nose, mouth, throat and feces. As a store, you have a duty of care to your staff and customers, this includes the cleanliness of your trolleys.

What is bioshield? Bioshield is an industrial strength, self-adhesive, clear coated, thermoplastic polyurethane film designed to protect commercial monitors, personal devices, and other high touch point surfaces. It is specifically formulated to resist the growth of microbes on its surface. Combining the industrial strength of our Zinc Pyrithione infused material with its unrivalled impact resistance and HD clarity. Bioshield is the ultimate in surface protection.

Bioshields newest creation is a wrap for trolley handles. It is proven to inhibit the growth of the microbes known to cause diseases and infections such as Influenza and Pneumonia. The wrap will not only prevent the growth of microbes but immediately starts to break down the microbes to burst the cell walls and destroy them.

It is important to keep trolleys clean as lots of people a day touch them, however under current circumstances it is even more important.

We have a presentation ready to be sent over to those who are interested, if you would like a copy of this or would like to place an order contact us on 01235 850368 or Below there is a leaflet to download which explains Bioshield more. 

Downloadable Documents