We have a list of services we can provide you to enhance your current trolley fleet:

If you are interested in any of these services please use the contact form on the Contact Us page

Trolley Bays/Shelters

We have fitted trolley shelters/bays/return points in a large range of stores. They are a great way of preventing trolley theft and loss as they give customers a clear place to return their trolleys to. We offer a range of sizes and styles for both in store and outside.


We will send our team of engineers to your store to evaluate your current trolleys. Our engineers can replace and fix castors, child seats and handles. If your company is re-branding, they can also change the colours of your handles and end caps and have new logos printed.


We will pick up your trolleys and fully refurbish them so they look and feel like new, this process includes: Jet washing, servicing, straightening wheels, welding (if needed), re-plating they will also have new parts if desperately needed. While the trolleys are being refurbished we can supply trolleys on loan for customers to use. This starts at as little as £3.50 per trolley, we will have them for 4 weeks.


Trolley hire is our most popular service that we offer. It is a unique service that allows the store an extra fleet of trolleys to offer their customer in busy sales periods. We offer a choice of 2 trolleys which usually are fitting for any sector however if you do require a certain style for your store than we can arrange this. 

Trolley hire is often used on film sets, photoshoots, pop up stores, exhibitions, or if your current ones are being repaired. 


Most of our products can be branded with your logo on them. Each product has standard colours of green, black, blue and red however if you would like a bespoke colour we can do this for a low minimum order quantity. If your business is re-branding we can rebrand your current trolleys & baskets. Fill our a contact form so we can discuss your requirements. 

Requirement Assessment 

If you are not sure what products would work best in your store we can have someone with 10+ years of product knowledge call or visit you to figure out what would work best for you and your customers. They will talk about your store size, aisle size, your sector and your shop surfaces as this will effect how certain trolleys move. They will look at your current trolleys and let you know of repairs that are needed which we can arrange for you. 


If what you are after we cannot source we can help create your desired product. For example we often had garden centres complaining about their trolleys as they were not easy to use, so we fabricated one that solved their complaints and now it has become one of our best sellers for that sector. We added 2 swivel wheels to the back so that there were 4 in total, this gave the customer more freedom when moving the trolley. We also added a second basket for smaller delicate goods.