34 Litre Trolley Basket - Turquoise



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Trollley Basket - 34 Litre


We have 11 of these in a unique turquoise, they are discounted as they are end of line and this is the remaining stock. By adding this item to your cart you are purchasing all 11 of them for £96. We also have matching turquoise 23L wire baskets and a basket stacker at discounted prices for specific reasons, this would be a great bundle for replacing new baskets etc or a new store.

The 34 litre plastic trolley basket has been one of our best sellers since we opened. They are used in shops, stores, homes, hotels, laundries, schools, libraries and offices.

Seen more and more on the high street the Araven Shop and Roll (TM) wheeled basket is one of the most popular. Durable, easy to manoeuvre and keep clean it is a great retailers basket.

The anti-bacterial steel telescopic handle is easy to pull and tested to a durability of over 50,000 cycles. These baskets are vertically stackable keeping space to a minimum and there is a stacker for them with a locked castor if required. With two wheels fixed on the long side of the basket it is easy to tilt but sits upright when not in use.

- Antibacterial telescopic handle extends to a greater height that others on the market and is more ergonomic.

- Handle does not transmit vibrations.

- Easy to use even when fully loaded with up 25kg of goods.

- Takes up very little aisle space - stacker available if necessary for storage.

- Quiet wheel material generates minimal noise while rolling.

- Standard handle makes it very easy to pick up at the checkout.

Dimensions: H 404mm x W 465 x D 353