60 Litre Trolley


Price includes VAT at the standard 20% rate

60 Litre Wire Supermarket Trolley With Red Handles & Child Seat


The same as our other 60L trolley but with a child seat, this trolley needs a good clean but overall in good condition. They have a red handle, end caps and child seat, however there is some discolouration. They are new however they have been sat in the warehouse for some time as they were incorrectly manufactured, we usually stock these without a child seat. Because they are slightly discoloured we are offering these at a better price than our other 60L.

The number one choice in convenience retail stores and small farm shops, the 60L is an excellent small trolley which is highly recommended. The 60 litre trolley is narrow for smaller aisles, easy to move and is stable when empty and full. The capacity is almost equivelent to 3 hand baskets so making a few available to customer is a cost effective way of increasing spend.

Maximum Dimensions:
Length: 726mm
Width: 465mm
Height: 935 mm

Nesting distance: 135mm
Length of 5 x 60L trolleys nested together: 1.27m
Length of 10 x 60L trolleys nested together: 1.95m