180 Litre Trolley With Grill Platform


3 Units


Price includes VAT at the standard 20% rate

180 Litre New Trolley With Grill Base

PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY VAT & CARRIAGE - If you would like to order under 3 contact us

These trolleys are new however have been sat in our warehouse sometime so are no longer shiny and new looking, they still work perfectly. These trolleys are available with a red handle, end caps and child seat with a grill platform below. This platform is used for carrying heavier items suchas water. This trolley size is great for larger supermarkets where customers come to do a weekly shop.

There are 3 of these available at a greatly discounted price, but if you would like less than 3 please let us know.

We do have this size available without the base too, click here.