80 Litre Trolley Basket





Araven Shop & Roll

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 The Largest Trolley Basket In Stock - Araven

This is a strong but very light 80 litre trolley basket that has a single handle to pull the basket along and 4 grip holds so it can be easily picked up.The pull along handle adapts to different heights making them easier for every customer to use. Customers enjoy trolley baskets and it has been proven that they make the customer spend more as they aren’t trying to carry a heavy basket or trying to manage a full trolley. Trolley baskets are very popular and used by everyone therefore they are a must in every store. As shown in the picture you can add your logo to personalise your trolley basket to your store as well as choosing the colour you want for both the handle and the basket itself.

This item we have very limited stock, however if you wanted a different colour we can order it. We currently have under 20 left of the Grey with any colour handle.

The Anthracite (Dark Grey) range is the latest in the Shop & Roll range from Araven. We have them available in 34L version as well as another 55L version with 4 different coloured handles (Blue, Light Green, Yellow and Red). These baskets are made to coordinate with the Loop shopping trolleys.