Large 65 Litre Trolley Basket

65 Litres

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Trolley Basket - B65 - Polycart

The 'Smoothest basket', a simple, comfortable and well made trolley basket. Add this to your collection of other polycart products and they can match identically with their colours. The handle is tall and has rounded edges so it will not get caught on things. The basket itself has 2 additional handles for transport options. This basket has a capacity of 65 litres therefore is perfect for supermarkets. This has 4 wheels, the rear are 75 mm and the front are 50 mm. Like all polycart products, made of plastic, the B65 is fully compatible with the remote product identification system based on RFID tags.

Length 50 mm
Width 40 mm
Height 86 mm
Basket volume 65 Liters
Nesting distance 82 mm

This is available in: grey, red, orange, green, yellow or blue.

As with all Polycart products the branding and colour options can be chosen by you.

This is a non stock item, if you are interetsed in puchasing this please contact us and we will order your custom trolley basket.